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With over 30 years experience we can provide a vast amount of knowledge to our customers. We stock a large selection of medium to high quality wet, raw and dry foods and treats. We offer the lowest prices then any other pet store in the city


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Admin 14-Sep-2017

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This park is a great place to rest in between mural sight seeing.

 I was pretty tired when I reached this park from visiting all the murals on 24th street.  Thankfully this park had benches to rest on.   ...Read more.


The park is primarily more of a big kid play ground.  The floor itself was cushiony so we had a bounce in our step as we walked inside the park. There is a huge cool looking snake that looks like its weaving in and out of the floor.  It is beautifully made.  The park also includes murals that make this park so much more colorful.

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